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Through February 2019

Here is our current course schedule

To view, print, or download. Please check back frequently as we regularly update class offerings.

Feel free to distribute the course schedule throughout your organization. If you would like a customized schedule with your specific enrollment procedures, authorized courses, and corporate prices please let us know. If you want a volume quantity of printed course schedules to distribute as well, please send us a message or call us at 503.520.0555.


Workshop: Ensuring Website Accessibility - ADA and Section 508 Compliance

This hands-on, 4-hour workshop is designed for website content providers who need to incorporate accessible design features into their pages and documents. Participants will learn how to increase usability of web based materials and ensure that websites follow guidelines and standards (WCAG and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act) and are prepared for ADA laws coming this year.

Course Topics

  • About Web Accessibility: Accessibility and Why It Matters
  • Introduction to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and W3C's WCAG
  • Identifying issues surrounding accessible web design
  • About Assistive Technology
  • Applying relevant semantically correct HTML coding to pages
  • How to create links that make sense out of context
  • How to avoid problems with color and contrast
  • How to make images accessible
  • The benefits of using captions
  • How to make data tables accessible
  • How to make Word documents and PDF files accessible
  • Creating Accessible Content: Links, Images, Audio/Video
  • Text alternatives for images, and audio/video
  • Real time captioning / subtitles / audio description / written transcript for videos
  • HTML accessibility elements and attributes, when and where to apply them
  • Applying the ALT attribute, proper structure, and valid code
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